Thursday, 1 November 2012

The XVIth Warrior pub quiz!

Thanks everyone who came along to the pub quiz! It was a fantastic atmosphere and though we thought we would have 6 players coming along, it seems that the Glasgow Warriors love a good quiz night as we ended up with no less than 9 players:

Left back L-R: Troy Nathan (GW), Chris Fusaro (GW), 
Ed Kalman (GW)
Right back L-R: Graeme Morrison (GW), Gus Macdonald (GW), Rory Lamont (GW)
Left middle L-R:Craig Calmers (not that Craig Chalmers) (XVIth) Tim Swinson (GW), 
Mike Cusack (GW)
Right middle L-R: Neil Macdougall (XVIth) , Mark Bridger (XVIth)  Niko Matawalu (GW)
Front right L-R: Kat Hemphill (XVIth), Mary Williams (XVIth), Elena Soper (XVIth) 

Also Head Coach Gregor Townsend and
several of the Glasgow Warriors coaching and support staff.

The Cup A Soups (pictured here with The XVIth Warrior Chairman Mary Williams) came in top and won the voucher for a meal at Waxy's Glasgow,

who kitted out the area fantastically, and as per usual served up some tasty nibbles to keep us going during the TWELVE ROUNDS!! Big thanks to the guys for sticking with it even though they did have to be up early for training for the game against Dragons on Friday.

Waxy's decked out The Guinness bar and made us feel right at home...a spooky cobweb filled home but a home none the less! The Halloween decorations were up but so were the Glasgow Warriors flags, and we were happy to share. Great touch guys!

A total of £103 pounds was raised and £20 will be donated to the Poppy appeal, the rest will go towards maintaining The XVIth Warrior. 

Here are a few shots of the evening, sorry they are a bit shaky but it was pretty packed in there with 10 teams competing!

Back left: The Computer Geeks with Centre Graeme Morrison, Prop Ed Kalman, Flanker Chris Fusaro. Back left:Prop Mike Cusack, Centre/Stand Off Troy Nathan & Lock Tim Swinson. Front right: Waxy's Glasgow Manager Teresa, Glasgow Warriors Business Development Manager Fergus Wallace, Glasgow Warriors Media Manager Mark Palmer (peek a boo). Front left and two members of Jackass

Left: Cup a Soups. Centre The XVIth Warrior ATL Craig charmers and members of The Cideres and Guinness boy

 The Cideres and Guiness Boy with The XVIth Warrior Treasurer Elena Soper far right 

 Glasgow Warriors Staff team, (who had a better name but we forgot...sorry!) Media Manager Mark Palmer, Marketing Manager Nicola Stergeon, Glasgow Warriors Head Coach Gregor Townsend and Waxy's Glasgow Manager Teresa

 The Cideres and Guinness boy

 LMC with Glasgow Warriors Scrum Half/Wing Niko Matawalu and Back Row Gus MacDonald

 Burns unit

 Lock Tim Swinson and Prop Mike Cusack left, Glasgow Warriors Media manger Mark Palmer

 The Computer Geeks with Glasgow Warriors Prop Ed Kalman, Flanker Chris Fusaro & Centre Graeme Morrison 

 KEM with Glasgow Warriors Wing Rory Lamont, Centre Troy Natnan, Stand Off Troy Nathan (we are counting mirror Troy!)

 Burns Unit on the Left and There is no I In Team America with Glasgow Warriors Prop Mike Cusack and Lock Tim Swinson

LMC with Glasgow Warriors Scrum Half/Wing Niko Matawalu and Back Row Gus MacDonald

Thank you again everyone for attending, we know that the players and staff had a great time:

Rory Lamont:

"I very much enjoyed everyone's company, and I am very confident
that everyone involved viewed it as a success.
We as a group of players, are very thankful for the immense support you give us all through the year."

Mark Palmer:
"Thanks again for organising the event. It was great fun."

We hope that you did too, and massive thanks to Waxy's Glasgow for helping us make it a really fabulous event!

Looking forward to the next one!

See you all Friday at Scotstoun

The XVIth Warrior


  1. Many thanks to the organisers.
    Here's hoping all future events are well attended too !
    Great to see so many GW players and staff there. We did ask Ferg to join our team....maybe next time Big Fella.

    1. Hi Gary, glad you enjoyed it thanks for coming along!